Monday, March 2, 2009

The Key Master

Warped Coasters uses StatCounter — a Web site and embedded blog application — to keep track of web traffic to-and-from this blog. It shows what country people came from while visiting, how often certain IP addresses visit the blog, and shows how long the average person stays and reads, among other functions. It doesn't provide names or addresses of visitors, or any private information.

One of the best features is the "recent keyword activity" that shows what words people Googled to bring up Warped Coasters, either by accident or on purpose. The results can be gratifying, like when people Google "Dr. Dog" and arrive here to read a review, but more often the results are funny. People Google retarded shit constantly, and more often than not they end up on this blog (hopefully) reading about things that had nothing to do with what they searched for.

1) "itunes shuffle sucks"
Apparently people are not satisfied with itunes' "random" shuffle function. As any itunes user can attest to, it often seems like you constantly hear the same 8 songs out of a 10-thousand-track library while on "shuffle." People Google "itune shuffle sucks" on a weekly basis and end up on my sarcastic entry about how the new itunes function "genius" is evil and will eventually take over all hard-drives, creating one sentient singularity equipped with enough bites to destroy mankind.

I'm sure people who whacked their elbow were irritated when the desperate search for answers landed on my entry about amateur night at the Funny Bone comedy club in Springfield, Il. This has happened more than once.

This search sent some poor soul to a post about the NPR site that has full streaming albums. I have no idea what they were hoping to find. This mismatched Google search apparently was conducted on a personal computer in China, so who knows what Engrish they were attempting. Side note: StatCounter also records what operating system visitors are using, and one of Warped Coasters proudest moments was when I discovered that someone surfed this blog on an iPhone in China. That is fucking cool.

4) "Keffia"
Over the last month, this keyword brought more traffic to the blog than any other, and it led wandering souls directly to an entry about donuts. Suckers.

5) "Barack obama bubble gum and kick ass song"
I have no idea why this was googled, or what the fuck they were looking for, but they ended up (hopefuly) reading about Rowdy Roddy Piper, the film "They Live" and its inspiration of artist Shepherd Fairey (who eventually designed the iconic Obama image).

6) Rowdy Roddy piper
Within a minute or two of the aforementioned post, some asshole Googled Mr. Piper and landed on this here blawg. Roasted!

7) "Bonitis"
People Google "bonitis," all the time, too. I don't know if its 13-year-olds taking breaks from pretending to be lesbians in chat rooms to research if the fictional disease from Futurama is real, or if it's a common misspelling of some real disease, either way I'm sure they didn't find what they were looking for here.

This entry provided me with an excuse to use all the keywords that bring me the most traffic, again. Nice.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait til someone accidentally comes upon this entry

Warped Coasters said...

someone already did
i dont know if someone that read it fuckinhg with me or just a tard, but someone googled "futurama real" or "futurama is real", somthing along those lines and ended up here the day I posted it.

The Juice Box said...

I wonder how many times it says I visit this blog ... oops.

By the way, I totally check out my stats all the time, too, but I use a different program that's just directly viewable on my Web site. I've also come across some weird Google searches that led to my blog. The funniest one? Someone searched for "smoking out of a juice box." Awesome.