Thursday, March 26, 2009

Redicluous Inept And Archaic

I suppose this is better than the old policy of beating old ladies and disabled children with 180-gram vinyl records.

Last year the RIAA announced that it would stop suing the pants off people that downloaded a couple Jimmy Buffet songs on that InterWeb thingy. But taken to the logical extreme, the new policy threatens to cut people off from the most powerful and relevent communication tool develeoped since, I dunno, the printing press.

As much as it wishes to be the FCC, he RIAA is not a government agency — though it does have as many greedy, backward-thinking suits with all the answers, baby.

Imagine if GM had the power to close down an interstate because you bought a Honda? That was a terrible metaphor, but it was better than the other three that didn't make it in this post.

Either way, it's fucking bullshit. Comcast is back to it's old tricks, and it's too bad ATnT is following suit. With the economy crashing, and the record industry's traditional business model way beyond repair, the last thing this country needs is less music, corporate collusion and more people with out modern technology/communication skills.

And by the way, I buy more CDs than I can afford, so fuck off RIAA.

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