Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FREE MP3 Download: Girls "Heartbreaker"

It was about this time last year when Girls delivered the full-length debut, "Album." It's Oct. 2010 already, and the duo have recorded some new songs for us, just in time for hoodies and and the other warm comforts of fall.

Girl's principle singer/songwriter Christopher Owens writes with an undisguised melancholy, buoyed by the florid jangle of a Rickenbacker.

His autumnal songs have the gift of taking seemingly blase statements and, thanks to his effortlessly affective singing voice, turns them into something deeply personal and resonant.

The new track is no different. The small details of everyday life, peppered throughout the verses add credence to Owens' recounting of a failed relationship. In the hands of anyone else, the chorus of "Heartbreaker" would sound downright maudlin or even adolescent — "When I said that I love you honey, I knew that you'd break my heart."

Even as the bass line strays dangerously close to that of their second breakout single, "Lust For Life," Owens can't help but be a singular, original talent. Thanks for another good October.

"Heartbreaker" appears on Girls new 6-song EP, "Broken Dreams Club," out on True Panther on Nov. 22.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free stream: Warpaint "The Fool"

Listen to the debut LP by the much-hyped Warpaint, a full week before it's released, here: