Friday, January 16, 2009

"I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass.... and I'm all out of bubble gum."

We all owe Rowdy Roddy Piper some appreciation for our new president-elect.

The former wrestler starred in John Carpenter's cult classic 1988 action/horror flick "They Live," a sly commentary on Reagen-era consumerism and single-mindedness. In the film, Piper steals a pair of sunglasses from an extremist group that, when worn, reveal our planet's horrifying reality. Half the humans walking the streets and all the humans in power are, in fact, aliens in disguise. Billboard advertisements are actually mind-controlling propaganda. The film inspired Shepherd Fairey's ubiquitous Andre the Giant "Obey" art campaign. Well, it's the same Shepherd Fairey who (with infinite cred thanks to his vigilante "Obey" work) designed the iconic Obama poster that could not have hurt building the president-elect's brand and message (and probably garnered a few accidental votes along the way).
So, once again thank you Rowdy Roddy Piper, for your deadpan reading of Carpenter's script, for your choreographing of the never-ending fight scene in the alley (which was also spoofed nearly shot-for-shot by South Park) and for making a movie so bad ass it inspired an artist who then inspired millions in a presidential race.
Not bad for a meat head in a mullet.


Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of Sheppard's work for quite some time now... art and Obey fashion/jewelry lines.

Its amazing how huge he's gotten since designing for the campaign.

Did you get your free SF Obama stickers in the mail?? I got mine because I was active with the Move.on site... but I think you might still be able to request them through his site.

Warped Coasters said...

naw i didnt get any stickers ...
i saw on his web site today he did new book art for "animal farm" and "1984," it looks exactly right. he is the shit.

Abby said...

If you go to you can make Roddy red, white and blue and type in whatever word you'd like for the tagline.

They Live! remains one of my favorites. I'm a little upset I am only finding all of this out about you POST-college, Ed.

Warped Coasters said...

hahaha nice roddy-red-white-and-blue is almost too much for me to appreciate all at once