Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More for inpatient and cheap motherfathers

NPR's first listen page has even more of my most anticipated albums of 2009 for free and unlimited listen. Buy the discs anyway, assholes.

M. Ward - "Hold Time"

His 2006 disc "Post War" is brilliant and I have yet to get his 2008 "She & Him" collabo with Zooey Deschanel. The new album wont be released until February 17.

Fans of Wilco and Ryan Adams need apply.


Andrew Bird - "Noble Beast"

I am but an Andrew Bird beginner. The multitalented violinist/indie pop genius has released a whole gang of albums, but I only have scatter shot knowledge. Time to figure it all out before this actually drops. Dammit, it came out today (01-20-09)



Abby said...

Regarding Andrew Bird: listen to Armchair Apocrypha or any of his albums with his Bowl of Fire. He has an interesting career and is somehow still not yet OVERTLY recognizable to the average listener, yet.

Really goddamn talented, though. And I like M. Ward -- I should listen to more.

Abby said...

Also, does this make me an inpatient and cheap motherfather?

Warped Coasters said...

i need to get the mysteries production of eggs,
Armchair Apocrypha is the album i know the best

this makes you a well-informed motherfather

Anonymous said...

Agreed: Start with Armchair A. I dont ever type or say that last part