Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Well, the story has been buried all day, but Pakistan has ordered its army to fire upon US troops if we violate the country's borders again.

We sure know how to treat our allies.

It was revealed this week that President Bush signed off on the cross-border attacks this summer. Initially just bombing raids, each one became more brazen until US commando boots actually touched ground in Pakistan on Sept. 3. There have been repeated reports of U.S. drone aircraft striking militant targets, most recently on Sept. 12.
Our cross border attacks were aimed at Al Queda but more often than not maimed citizens. President Bush does not have respect for any other country's borders. Pakistan hasn't been doing enough to bring law to it's borders with Afghanistan. but they have been making striodes, sending over 100,000 troops into he region. Instead of working with them, we work around them.

Pakistan's pro-US government is the only thing that keeps its citizens from openly aiding the tAl Queda and Taliban. Pakistan's government maintains a huge political risk every day it's in allegiance with the US, and yet we piss it away. The Taliban in Afghanistan would love to expand into Pakistan, and by crossing broders without Pakistani assitance, we are helping the Taliban gain the popularity with Pakistanis it needs to do precicly that.

When I see shit, I follow the smell and more often than not it leads to George W. Bush's doorstep.
He plays my favorite game: how many wars can one President start/instigate?
He has two in seven years. Can he tack on Pakistan in his final at bat? If he's really ambitious there's still time to rile up Iran. And if we're really lucky Kim Jong Il will finally die from that stroke, and a real nutbag will take his place and reclaim its spot on our Axis of Evil shit list.

His cock-sure bravado cowboy act has gotten Mayberry in a real gee-golly pickle this time.

Here is the AP story:


odaniemb said...

these types of operations been going on for a really long time.

yes, civilians are getting maimed, but is that a result of us dropping nukes into elementary schools or our enemies operating among civilians? it's not like these dudes are operating in some secret hideaway deep in the wilderness far. far away from civilians.

furthermore, in this assymetric war on terror, please define civilian.

you should also be more specific about who in pakistan is pissed at us. the people that supported bhutto were the assholes and that party is most likely the one with their panties in a bunch. that party all but ousted musharraf he was possibly our last hope in that country.

this is exactly the type of operation that saint barack obama his highness has been pushing for such a long time. if it were president obama that authorized this and not president bush, would you pissed about it? nope.

odaniemb said...

also, if they are our "allies" why the fuck won't THEY kill "our" enemies? the reason why the red tape was crossed here is because time and time again, when we work as a coalition force, the amount of red tape is endless and nothing gets done.

unfortunately, that means we have to do our jobs and everyone else's at the same time.

working as a coalition provided just enough red tape delay to allow a convoy with bin laden in it to escape afghanistan back in '01.

emcmenamin said...

I am well aware these operations have been going on for some time, the difference is now we are targeting actual Pakistani villages. Then we were following al queda/taliban/whatever through the ill defined border between the countries, not launching strikes that aimed for Pakistani-specific targets. Yeah its a lot of gray bullshit. I'm just not happy with the way it has been handled.

And of course the Pakistani gov is a hollow ally, accepting money from us to build up its defenses with India while not doing enough to patrol their border with Afghanistan, but dropping troops in Pakastan's cities is not going to help us get the country's support anymore.

And no Matt, I wasn't pleased when Obama made his comments regarding similar action in Pakistan. He's not my fucking holy savior, but he's a lot better of a candidate then I've had to vote for so far. No need to attack me.

Sovereign borders are not red tape.

odaniemb said...

sorry edvard, i wasnt attacking you, i was making fun of the folks that blindly believe in obama's change that isnt actually change. but that discussion is for another blog.

how many more hotels in pakistan have to get blown up by al qaeda for the paki government to change their minds?