Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The tired listener

I don't have the energy for "High Violet."

The National has never immediately grabbed me, they're subdued, low, dreary ... ruminating ... parts of "Alligator" and "Boxer" are tremendous, only parts, and after several listens of "High Violet" streaming over at NPR, I ask myself, "Why?"

Perhaps on the 20th listen it will finally, belatedly, painfully become my favorite record (and despite the defeatism of this post I'll probably give it at least that many more spins), and I suppose that's the answer to my question, but goddamn, I have too much to listen to, to many films to watch, too many books to read, and I'm feeling craggy and tired and lazy and ...

... then there are the records that should really attack and grab a hold immediately — I'm speaking of the Dead Weather's "Sea of Cowards." After picking up Jack White's 3rd band's debut "Horehound" about six months ago, it lasted in my car for about six weeks, and then retreated to the pile in the back seat, and I have had no inclination to go back to it. After hearing the first single from "Sea of Cowards," I'm picking up the same vibe — arena-blooze with a lot of bombast but no purpose, repetitive melodies, and ... it's not really that much fun. Where the hell is a new White Stripes record?

Am I entering that age when all you want to do is listen to the same old bands and records you've heard a thousand times, and new music just isn't that exciting? The number of records I'm buying this year would suggest "no," but then again all I really want to do is throw on "Boys and Girls in America," or "Being There," or "My Aim is True" and shred the debit card.


Anonymous said...

Nah, you're not alone there. Like I said a few posts back -- I've resisted the shitgaze-y stuff, and it feels like people (the Internet?) have been trying to sell me on it for years now. I can't do Neon Indian, Real Estate, etc.

Cred be damned, sometimes I just want to listen to three albums' worth of Beck (while suspending my disbelief over his recent "religious" choice), and that's it.

-- Abby

Carrie said...

Agreed in general, though I havent listened to new The National yet. I default to Boys and Girls in America weekly. Im really enjoying Forgiveness Rock though, and I hope you like it too. Once Im done with the excitement of my recent purchases, Im excited to hear the massive amount of music you gave me.