Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I think this says it all:

  • 91 swine flu cases in US; child dies in Texas
three headlines later in small font:
  • Regular flu has killed thousands

Everyone relax and go about your business worrying about contracting the good ole regular flu before you go on a swine-flu fearing rampage.

In related news, the new Wilco album due this June will be titled "Wilco (the Album)."

I'm a huge, obsessive Wilco fan, but even I can't pretend that's a good album title, not to mention there's a track on the album called "Wilco (the song)", that was almost more than I could deal with itself.

Oh well, as long as the music is better than their last (no weather-channel guitar solos or anything that sounds remotely like "Shake it off"), I'll be happy. Sort of.

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The Juice Box said...

That is a super dumb album title.