Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free MP3 download: Woven Bones "I've Gotta Get"

Hey! I like the Black Lips! Do you guys like the Black Lips?! If so, you'll like Woven Bones! enthusiasm! garage rock!
But in all seriousnous I do like this single, from their new 7-inch EP:

Woven Bones "I've Gotta Get"
(Right click to download, left click to stream)


Steven said...

This neo-psych garage rock revival has been fun, I'm going to be sad when it slides away. What with all these bands going out the wazoo with instrementation and orchestration, its easy to forget how much can be done with a few guitars and some drums. Kinda makes me want to reform my old band and see if we could eek out something more than recycled Blink 182.

Warped Coasters said...

there's nothing better than loud and messy rock n roll.