Thursday, June 24, 2010


Fox News finds a way to make me angry every day.

If "environmentalism, animal rights and food" are considered liberal causes, what would be the conservative alternatives? "Pollutionism, animal torture and fast-food"?

Only in America could conserving what we have not be considered "conservative," but rather referred to as "liberal" in a pejorative sense.

Of course, any sensible analysis of the report was buried at the bottom, well after the point when most readers have made up their mind, and clicked away in disgust over academia's "liberal bias" supposedly revealed.

"He also challenged the inclusion of "Persepolis," a graphic novel about the brutal dictatorship in Iran, as liberal, and the failure to list "Freakonomics," a libertarian book about economics, as conservative."


The Juice Box said...

I like your use of "pejorative" here.

Warped Coasters said...

gracias. it's a great word.