Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boondock Saints 2: All Taint's Day

Remember how awesome "The Boondock Saints" was when we were 15?

Remember how awesomely crappy (aside from two or three scenes) and unintentionally hilarious the film became once you were about five years older? Anywho, I still have a weird attachment to this film, against my better judgment. It formed some sort of invinci-fuax-Irish bond with my adolescent brain.

Well, Troy Duffy finally emerged from being one of the biggest douche bags in Hollywood and secured funding to make his sequel, about four years too late. And everyone thought he was toast.

Saying that, this sequel looks absolutely awful, none of the accidental charm of the first, with plenty of recast and rehashed ideas thrown in with ridiculous guns-pointed-at-the-camera machismo. You see that when they pop out of the shipping crate? Surprise! hahaha.

This will still be a big hit.

I wish I was 16.

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The Juice Box said...

Yeah. This does look horrible. I really liked the first one too, for some reason. Maybe because the faux-Rish guys are super hot. But I could've made this trailer using almost every scene from the original. Just throw in another douchebag guy with a bad haircut.

And ... "Daddy's working"? Jesus ...