Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tim Shriver is a retard

Dear 24-hour news networks and USA Today,

Believe it or not, not everything has to be a controversy. Whenever an advocacy group or individual raises outrage over a comment, film or album, you don't have to write it up as a story. It can be ignored, and it can go away for ever. You don't have to have the self-righteous warrior yelling at other talking heads whoring out their souls for attention, money and book deals. Slimy parasites arguing about what Don Imus said this week (YOU WONT BELIEVE IT OMG! OMG! OMG!) isn't news. It isn't controversial. It's just one group of suits with coded language yelling at another.

Please, please no more coverage of the controversy over "Tropic Thunder." It's a fucking movie. has three front page items about an advocacy group's objection to "Tropic Thunder's" "unfortunate and humiliating portrayal of people with intellectual disabilities." Coalition of National Disability Organizations member and Special Olympics CEO Tim Shriver also wants to ban the "R-word." He can't even say it out loud. The word is pronounced "RE-TARD." The word itself has no insidious meaning, dude. It means slow, in fact I find it less offensive than "intellectually disabled," that just smacks of pity.

If Shriver wasn't so busy stabbing our prostates with his P.C. bullshit, maybe he would get the joke. He wants to ban a movie most people in his organization should agree with. The whole film satirizes Hollywood, and the part that especially grinds his gears makes fun of actors that ham it up as retards in movies (Sean Penn in "I Am Sam") for personal glory and awards. This kind of nonsense gives me the Lewis Black shakes.

I just lent even more words to the non-story, but I wouldn't be writing about it if CNN ignored idiotic bullshit like this. Also, this is a blog read by 1.5 people, I don't hold any responsibility for the American people. This piddling public discourse is the kind of shit on the air and in print pushing out anything worth discussing. For every hour discussing "Tropic Thunder" maybe they could be looking at why the "intellectually disabled" take the same state tests as normal children that determine if a school is going to lose funding due to NCLB .

Instead we get: "Tonight at 8p.m., one humourless idiot doesn't understand he is arguing with people that already agree, followed by Nancy Grace."

Christ help us.

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Anonymous said...

I will never see this movie... my brother is intellectually disabled, also I lived with a kid in college who is a retard. America should know about abominations of American cinema like this movie. Not only does it deeply offend me, but I am offended by your lack of understanding and even more so by your vitriolic writing. For shame.

P.S. Nancy Grace rules!!!!!