Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fandango now infecting Warped Coasters

Google's adsense toolbar scans my blog and creates advertisements relevant to my posts. So, naturally it read my rant about Fandango, assumed I really appreciate the site's services and added a Fandango ad to my blog.
Moments of perfect irony like this nearly make my head explode.
If I were to rant against the evils of lets say, the current White House administration, would Adsense create ads for, or the
I can't wait for future ads running totally against the content of this seldom read blog.
In a meta-irony situation soon to follow, this post will probably only continue to encourage adsense to put Fandango ads on my blog.
Shit, I'm going to need a code word for the previously named Web site. Perhaps I will now refer to it as Farfanoogan. It's final. Who knows what ads the code name will generate.


Amber Krosel said...

you now have "how i lost 32 pounds -- amazing chinese weight loss secret"

what the hell are you doing, ed?

emcmenamin said...

Now I have ads for roller coasters, and drink coasters, and a news item about the Batman roller coaster decapitating the teen who hopped a fence to look for his shoe.
adsense is retarded